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Brick Lunch Box

“Good size little bento for a six-year-old. The bigger box is perfect for my first grader. The deeper shape keeps food from sliding around and getting mixed up with each other. The smaller boxes are great for packing snacks in. She loves it because it’s legos! Planning to purchase a few more for the school year!” -Genevieve U

Brick Lunch Box


Does your kid love variety for lunch? Don’t let them carry around multiple, bulky food containers...when you can pack their lunch in one! Create endless combinations of nutritious food in each three stackable brick containers. Fruit, veggies, crackers and extra snacks can all be packed side by side without the risk of spoiling and leaking! 

Get your kids excited for mealtime with this fun and innovative lunchbox. Stack them together and perfectly fit into regular lunch bags - or even school bags!Provide a wider range of healthy food options to your kids with our durable, leakproof, high-quality Brick Lunch Box.


MORE FOOD OPTIONS ALL IN ONE -  Pack main meal or sandwiches in the large lunch box and the smaller ones for sauces, snacks, fruit cuts, or candies. Mix up a wide variety of healthy food for your wonderful kids. The possibilities are endless!

MAKE SCHOOL LUNCHES ENJOYABLE – Stack the containers and build some cool structures. Their fun and vibrant colors will surely add some fun to your kid’s lunches!

DISHWASHER SAFE. EASY TO CLEAN – All containers are dishwasher safe. With double snap clips, perfectly prevent food from spilling and spoiling. Worry no more about dirty school bags! 

TURNS PANIC TO PICNIC - Made of food-grade plastic containers, BPA-free materials. Forget about toxic ingredients getting into their food and enjoy packing up lunches, be it for school lunch or picnic!

RECEIVE MORE HUGS AND KISSES- A perfect gift for your kids or your grandchildren. Imagine how excited they would be and watch them spontaneously running to your arms and shower you with little kisses and sweet ‘thank you’. Receive your smooches now!

Brick Lunch Box

Size :

Basic box size: Length 3.7"/9.5cm x Width 5.9"/15cm x Height 2.6"/6.8cm.

Mini box size: Length 2.6"/6.7cm x Width 2.8"/7.3cm x Height 19"/5cm.


Food-grade plastic containers (BPA-free materials).