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Lexi the Lamb

Send your kids, friends, family or loved-ones a cute koala package with a personalized note anywhere in the world! ✨

Inspired by a realistic design and fairy tale stories at the same time, Lexi the Lamb is elegant, adorable, cuddly and has enough cuteness to make your kids’ first friends. This gorgeous Lexi the Lamb has a nice and soft fur in the milky white color and just the perfect size for a little toddler's hands and light enough to let your kids carry it everywhere. No sharp edges so it can be hugged all day long.

There's no better happiness than keeping your kid satisfied and calm in the comfort of their favorite plush toy. If your child wants an adorable stuffed animal to keep for the years to come. Our Lexi the Lamb is a perfect plush toy for them.

★ 7.8” (20cm) tall

★ Super soft & fluffy!

★ Shipped in our signature box

★ Ages 3+ only

Personalize your gift by adding a special message in the Order Notes field that will appear once you hit the Add to Cart button. Your message will be printed on an exclusive personalized card designed by Lexi the Lamb.

Hint: The recipient won't know who wrote this message unless you add your name.