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1-Year Extended Warranty

Here at KokoKoala, our products are designed to last for many years. And before each item gets shipped, we implement stringent quality control to make sure that it's in perfect condition.

We can't deny that there's still a 0.1% chance that the item may suffer from manufacturing mishaps which could potentially cause the item(s) to break before its time.

For the humble price of $9.95, we give you our word of honor. With the KokoKoala 1-Year Extended Warranty, we promise to send you a BRAND NEW replacement if your purchased item does not last for even a year. No questions asked. 

Just make sure to add this warranty to your cart when making a purchase.

P.S. This 1-Year Extended Warranty only covers 1 item for $9.95. If you'd like to get a warranty for multiple items in your order, please purchase a separate lifetime warranty for each. The warranty can be purchased separately maximum 7 days after you placed an order with us. 

If you still have any questions about our lifetime warranty or would like to purchase a 1-year extended warranty after placing the order, please do not hesitate to contact and quote your order number.