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Brick Shape Stackable Cutlery (Set of 3)

“Coolest innovative kid utensil set. They actually stack, so my son loves to put them together and take them apart again. Perfect combination of fun, sensory experience and it kept my son’s attention so that he’s eating an ENTIRE MEAL WITH HIS UTENSILS. Great size for preschoolers and older. Love that they are metal, so they work like real utensils, but have a soft big handle for little hands to grip. Easy to clean and very durable. I've had them for almost a year and they still look new."Agatha L.


Get your kids to happily finish their entire meal while you peacefully enjoy your own with this amazing Brick Shape Stackable Cutlery. No more stressful mealtimes, or long-hour meals. There’s only more playtime! With its stackable brick-shaped handles, this brilliant invention makes every meal so fun, educational and engaging...that it helps them build thriving brains, bodies and social bonds in today’s modern world. 

How many cool configurations do you think your kids can make throughout the entire meal? Find it out and unleash your kid's creativity in every meal with this cute, colorful, dishwasher-safe cutlery set.


ENJOYABLE MEALTIME. MORE PLAYTIME– Forget about prolonged mealtimes, food refusal or non-stop whining simply because they are now excited about mealtimes! Why not spend the extra time on fun activities and quality time with your wonderful kids?

GET YOUR KIDS TO EAT INDEPENDENTLY –The interactive and colorful design keeps your kids’ attention entirely on their meal. Now they can finally finish their veggies! The best part?You’ll get to enjoy your own! 

STIMULATES SENSORY DEVELOPMENT – Encourage your kids to learn cutting their own food safely, identify basic colors, build cool structures and do imaginative role-play. Perfect for promoting their fine motor skills, developing cognitive thinking and boosting creativity.

DISHWASHER SAFE. EASY CLEANING – Simply toss it on the dishwasher...or wash it in the skin. They clean up in seconds. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

NO MORE FOOD SPILL  – The easy-to-grip, durable silicone handles are a perfect fit for flimsy hands. Worry no more about food spills!

SAFE FOR YOUR KIDS – Made with bendy, soft-grade high quality silicone and blunt stainless-steel edges, rest easy knowing that these cutleries are 100% kids-friendly.

NO MORE ‘WHERE DID I PUT IT’ DILEMMACompact. Easy to Store. Portable. The silicone handles snaps together securely making it easily fit into lunch boxes, kitchen drawers and even glove that missing cutleries is just a thing of the past!

ADULTS LOVE IT TOO! – Who says these are made only for kids? Take a trip down the memory lane, and you can too release stress and keep calm with this multifunctional Brick Cutleries.

Size: 5.9"/15 cm

Material: Stainless-steel edges with soft-grade silicone handle