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Toy Storage Basket

“If your child is like my child, they have A LOT of toys...TOO MANY TOYS… the little ones, which are scattered everywhere and have pieces missing or embedded under the skin of your feet because you have stepped on them so many times in the middle of the night! I have found a solution for the smaller ones in this storage organizer. When my son wants to play, he pulls that bin out plays to his heart's content in a designated area, and then cleans up no fuss, no muss. I highly recommend them to all parents who are suffering from toy overload like I am!“ Stuart D. 

Have you ever stepped on a lego not being prepared? Yeah. This is heaven. I used to store massive amounts of legos in a plastic bin with a lid but it was had to hide and didn’t fit under beds and when the kids played it was loud and LEGO’s went everywhere. This makes life so much easier!! The insert that holds the LEGO’s expands and lays to a large flat circle with plenty of room to play. Perfection!" Alicia S.


Keeping a child's play space clean can often feel pointless. You finally get it neat and clean, and 30 minutes later it's the same whirlwind of toys, books, and clothes. Toys…don’t they just get everywhere? Especially small cluttered toys that will hurt your feet in an instant!

Creative play can be messy, but that doesn’t mean that cleaning up has to be a challenge. With our new Toy Storage Basket, clean-up time is a breeze! Stop now the disorganized cluttered toys with this innovative storage. You just need to pour toys right onto the integrated play mat, and your children will have their own toy world! Tidy up the mess in just a minute!


✔️ LESS CLEANING TIME! - This is no ordinary basket. Simply pour the toys onto the playmat and let your kids little imaginations run wild without a wild mess. After playtime, slide in the toys into the basket for storage in a few seconds! As easy as that! Tidy up the playroom in just a blink of an eye!

✔️ SAY BYE TO PAINFUL TOES!- You don’t need to worry about stabbing your toes with those pesky legos that will surely make you crumpled up in pain! No--that suffering will finally end! Prevent the toys from cluttering with its own built in playmat. Your kids will have their own play kingdom! 

✔️ FITS YOUR HOUSE DESIGN! - Our premium basket with matching lid measures 12" tall with a 15" diameter. The attached 52" durable play mat keeps toys contained. And it comes with cute colors and designs that you can mix and match with your room decor! Don’t waste your time on ugly trash can like basket bins! This Storage basket will surely be adored by kids and even kids at heart!

✔️ PLAY SPACE ANYWHERE!- Our amazing storage basket is foldable and lightweight. Toss it in your baggage or even in your car!  Bring it with you on a picnic or your next getaway! as this allows toys to be spread out for playtime and is large enough for multiple children to share! Built a safe play space for your kids anywhere! anytime!

✔️ SAFE FOR YOUR KIDS! - The outside of the basket is made of 600D Oxford cloth! Guaranteed that durable, which allows children to play on it safely! You can use it every day without fear! Plus, it’s made from waterproof materials so it’s easier to clean!


  1. Open the lid.
  2. Take the mat out of the bucket and lay it flat.
  3. The toy can be poured onto the large, integrated play mat. 
  4. Let your kid enjoy the playtime!
  5. When it’s time to clean up, pull the end handles, lift up the mat, and just slide the toys back into the bucket.