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Blue Light Glasses for Adults

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Adults KokoKoala Blue Light Glasses uses the latest proprietary anti-reflection coating technology to effectively eliminate glares and block harmful digital blue light caused by prolonged use of computer, smartphone and tablet screens. So, you can feel at ease knowing that your eyes are fully protected. Made of high-quality thermoplastic material, they are incredibly durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

“Thanks KokoKoala for keeping our eyes safe and healthy!

I’m looking at two computer screens 45 hours a week for work and started to get constant headaches. These KokoKoala glasses have helped so much with my eye strain and my headaches are long gone. I wear them all of the time, even when using my smartphone. They feel sturdy and lightweight. Also make you look really professional. I love them. My kids love them too. They even got their own blue light glasses now, the kids version. Everyone is happy!”

Enjoy Healthy Screen Time

No more headaches, eye strains or dry eyes while on screen. Hello, healthier eyes and happier you!

Improve Quality of Sleep

Experience uninterrupted sleeps and develop a healthier sleep cycle.

Enhance Overall Well-being

A good quality of sleep promotes long-term mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Look Fabulous Wherever You Go

Comfortable to wear, stylish & non-Prescription so everyone can benefit!

Goodbye Headaches. Hello Good Night’s Sleep!

Reading emails, online shopping, scrolling through social media, and watching videos are just some of the many things we enjoy on a daily basis. All that screen time and exposure to blue light can negatively impact our health. Aside from eye fatigue and constant headaches, scientific studies have found that exposure to blue light suppresses the production of the sleep hormone, making it difficult to fall asleep at night. This disrupted sleeping cycle often leads to a lack of focus, depression and weakened immune systems. Thanks to our blue light glasses, not only are you free from the harmful effects of artificial blue light but also able to get good night’s sleep you deserve.

Style. Durability. Comfort.

Designed with fashion and function in mind, our blue light glasses comes in 9 gorgeous styles and premium velvet glasses cases to choose from. What’s more? Our frames are made of high-quality, lightweight TR90 material which provides ultimate durability, flexibility and comfort. It bends under pressure and contour your face comfortably so you can wear it all day without even feeling it.

Give your little ones the gift of healthy eyes

Many of our customers reported that their little ones (and their unicorns!) are very excited to get their own their own blue light glasses after seeing their moms wearing them. Did you know? Children’s eyes are more delicate and sensitive to blue light compared to adults. Why not let your little ones pick matching blue light glasses of their choice and give the gift of healthy eyes today?

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