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Pop It! Push Bubble Fidget Toys - Geometry Series


Reduce Anxiety, Improve Focus & Have Some Fun With Pop It!

Pop It! The novelty fidget craze that is quickly becoming a must-have favorite item for every household, especially in stressful times. Made of high quality, kid-friendly food grade silicone in a range of colors, shapes and sizes, the half-sphere “bubbles” can be pushed in making a satisfying soft popping sound. Pop! Not only is it proven to relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD and Autism, but also stimulates sensory learning, develops logical reasoning skills and improves cognitive function. Many of our happy customers often report that it helps them stay focused or keeping still and attentive when doing a long task. A Pop It! a day keeps the bad mood away!

Lightweight, easy to carry

Reusable & easy to clean

Dishwasher-safe, dries quickly

Perfectly safe for kids (BPA free)

A fun game that everyone can play

Keep Calm And Play Pop It!

Push in the little bubbles and enjoy a satisfying soft popping sound. After “popping” them all or however many you want, turn the toy over and start again from the other side. As simple as 1, 2, 3!

How Does it Help?

In one preliminary study on fidgeting, children who used these fidget toys during instruction independently reported that their “attitude, attention, writing abilities and peer interaction improved.” A study by the University of California also found that allowing children with ADHD fidget did improve emotional stability and help them perform cognitively demanding tasks.

Just like popping bubble wrap sheets, Pop It! Bubble Fidget Toy helps release muscle tension caused by stress and anxiety so you feel more calm and relaxed. This state of calmness combined with repetitive motion of popping the bubbles often results in improved concentration and productivity. With Pop It! anyone can benefit!

How to Play the Viral Pop It! Game

Pop It! A world full of possibilities. Get your creative juice flowing and invent your own games with Pop It! Whether you are a solo player or engaging in a mighty duel, make your day brighter with Pop It!

Play this game in pairs. Each pair will have a Pop It!

Rock paper scissors to decide who gets to go first.

The first player pops down as many bubbles as they want, though it must be in the same line that they started it.

The next player goes and does the same thing, they can pop as many or as little as they like, but it must be within a line that hasn’t got any bubbles popped.

The aim of the game is NOT to be the last player popping a bubble. The person who has to pop the last bubble loses.